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The colors used here are based on  five basic couples of spectral colors that when combined create white light.

The inner colors reflect the frequency of the corresponding planetary influence. The progression is from the darkest violet on the bottom (Neptune) to the brightest greenish-yellow on the top (Sun); the lower color temperature, called 'warm colors', on the left and the higher color temperature, called 'cool colors', on the right.

However, the colors of the Tree aren't stagnant. The flashing motion between the inner circle colors and outer ring colors create a brilliant opalescent white light when in harmony.

The path colors used  here are a simple attempt to convey the idea of the spectral interaction between the spheres. I must say however, they do not convey the actual interactions of these pathways very accurately. But for lack of a better example, for now, I hope it is better than nothing.

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