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Circles of Life

This is a way to construct the Tree of Life using only a straight edge and compass, incorporating as many fundamental geometrical shapes as possible, without being to redundant. The inner circle, that is the smallest circle, is 1/12th of the center line, thereby implying that this could have been a method of constructing a twelve sectioned measuring rod. With this construction method you can also narrow the range of probability for a seventh of the greater circle and a third of the primary line, with only a straight edge and compass.

This method must adhere to the harmonious root of three in order to maintain its consistency with the three primary elements of light, time and space, which is the basic premise of this geometric theory of life.

  1. Ain: Time

  2. Ain Sof: Space

  3. Ain Sof Aur: Light

When the time is right the body of a Mother Soul and a Father Soul come together and make the body for a Child Soul.

Nine portals Unified make One:

From these nine circles a whole other new dynamic emerges of what I like to call our Stellar Self. A sacred structure from which can be seen the pattern of a tree of life.  This is a template of the primary energetic pattern by which we are made and how the pathways of energy, which develop between them, bond them together as a unified and harmonious whole.

Three is the primary structural pattern of Life. From the three comes the Ten Ideal numbers (the ten single digit numbers) of the Indian/Arabic numeric system, zero thru nine, and in the Sefer Yetsirah called  the 'Ten Ineffable Sephiroth'. 'Ten not nine, Ten not eleven': If you were to include the number ten you would have eleven numeric characters not ten. And if you excluded the number zero you would only have nine ideal characters not ten. 'Before one what do you count?' Blastoff!

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